Is your marketing
everything you want it to be?

Is it relevant? Memorable? Persuasive? If it isn’t, perhaps you could benefit from an outside perspective; from an experienced marketing executive who can help you strengthen it; make it more effective; make it more results‑oriented.

I am a marketing consultant with many years of experience in helping healthcare and non-profit organizations create powerful, persuasive marketing. Whether you need to breathe new life into your organization’s brand; develop a fresh marketing strategy; or simply need to take a fresh look at your overall marketing activities, I can help.

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What makes for good marketing?

Three critical elements should always be present in marketing communications.You can increase the effectiveness of your marketing by making sure these elements appear in all your communications.

What is a brand?

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  1. Good marketing, like good conversation, should connect on a personal level.
    Your organization is most likely not an impersonal, monolithic bureaucracy. It’s probably a group of dedicated and personable individuals – like yourself. Being friendly and helpful doesn’t detract from your efficiency – it enhances it. So try to use the pronouns ‘we’ and ‘you.’ wherever possible. They project a more human quality and help speak more directly to your customer. All your communications, not just your marketing messaging, should reflect this friendly, approachable personality.
  1. Good marketing always promises a benefit.
    Everybody – from a disappointed Cubs fan (local reference there!) to a Las Vegas cosmetic surgeon - looks at marketing and advertising pretty much the same way: “What’s in it for me?” If your organization provides significant benefits for the end user – and it should! Make sure it’s clear what those benefits are.
  2. Good marketing should be competitive.
    Other companies may be good; but I’m sure you believe yours is better. Your target audience shouldn’t have to work that out for themselves. Tell them – as persuasively as you can.
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